Insta Lately: Vol. 1

My Instagram‘s probably the most neglected among all my social media accounts because I don’t really post as often as others do. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I did a major purge in my Instagram feed lately. I probably deleted almost 50% of the photos I’ve posted in the past. Anyway, here’s my first take on what’s up on life and Instagram lately:

one. I’m doubling my lemon tea consumption this week until I feel better and relieved from excessive sneezing and runny nose. Dust mites are proving to be my nemesis. | two. This was probably taken before or shortly after our wedding in December 2013. I think I’ve had my hair that long since 2010. Did you know that someone once asked me if my hair was made of hair extensions? I had my hair cut short in August 2014. | three. Summer is here! Well, at least in the Philippines. This was actually a photo from our trip to Bataan in December when we were served fresh coconuts as refreshments. I was craving one the other day!

four. I started putting stuff in my travel box. Among which are my college yearbook and photo albums from my 18th birthday and our wedding, which may have used up half of the maximum allowable weight for travel boxes! | five. My brother and I saw this on our way to church last Sunday. Nothing fancy, but I find such aerial exercises (or whatever you call it) fascinating. | six. That’s a photo of the medical examination checklist taken from my datebook, which I may or may have written and rewritten over and over again.

seven. I had two credit cards from two different banks, which were simultaneously issued to me without having to apply for one. I only plan on keeping one of them because it’s valid until 2018, but I decided to let go of the other. You know what? It was quite liberating to see one of them dismantled. | eight. A couple of weeks back, Saab Magalona contacted me via email to ask for my home address. Saab is the daughter of one of the most influential Filipinos in the music industry, Francis Magalona. She said she wanted to send me something special because she enjoyed my comments on her blog. You’d think that’s shady, but she made sure to include “This is forealzzz it is not a scam hahaha!! <3 Saab” at the bottom of her email, so who am I not to comply? A few days later, I received goodies from her wedding in the mail! The package includes a card with her personal message, a bedroom spray (it smells so good!), and a copy of their souvenir CD with three sons that Saab herself recorded! | nine. This photo was taken in black and white to mask how filthy my gym gloves look, but I failed. As Ailee puts it, I should be proud because it shows that I put them to good use!

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