IFTTT: Instagram to Twitter

Strike while the iron is hot, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. My tutorial on how to create the RSS feed-to-Twitter IFTTT recipe last week created a buzz, so I’m going to share another one that you’ll absolutely want to do, too. Fancy a slightly special Instagram to Twitter IFTTT recipe?

I know many of us are obsessed with Instagram and Twitter. While it hasn’t been made possible to cross-post your tweet to Instagram, you can share your recent Instagram photo to Twitter and other sites such as Tumblr, foursquare, Flickr, etc. A classic way to do this is to link your Twitter to your Instagram account. It will essentially look like this when once posted on Twitter (Post title/caption + URL):

The problem with the native “Instagram to Twitter” sharing option is that you are unable to view the corresponding photo right away on your Twitter timeline like you do when you tweet an image such as this:

Once again, IFTTT is making that possible for us! Instead of simply making the classic Instagram (any new photo by you) to Twitter (post a tweet with image) recipe, we’ll do something differently. We’ll need to slightly tweak our settings; otherwise, your post will look like this:

Special thanks to Kaelene for allowing me to use her post as an example for this tutorial.

Most people will settle on that, but since I have OCD, I will get rid of the default IFTTT shortlink by simply adding {{Url}} next to your image caption. I TOLD YOU, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Total game-changer, right?! If you’re not convinced yet, then you’re already missing out. If you live vicariously through other people’s Instagram photos (like most of us do), then you just hit two birds with one stone by simply browsing through your Twitter timeline. (Well, only if they had this recipe activated, too.) Happy cooking!

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