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My former colleagues, old and new
My former colleagues, old and new

My agreed last day at work with the management was on the 31st of July; however, in my last week, I got terribly sick. I acquired viral gastroenteritis [or stomach flu] on Friday, was rushed to the emergency room the following day, and stayed there until Monday morning. Talk about what could possibly go wrong on my final work week. 

I should have been done with the transition process on Friday, but I was forced to put it off until I returned to work on Wednesday the following week. Although the meetings were over, I still had to prepare the transition files for each of the three new staff members. As it turned out, an entire 8-hour shift wasn’t enough. In fact, I had to work until midnight on Thursday to ensure that I got everything covered and sorted out.

In my books, Thursday would have been my last day; however, I needed to extend for another day to oversee my apprentices as they take on the live work. I also didn’t want to leave without saying proper goodbye to friends and some colleagues. I thought I’d throw in a little pizza party to a list of selected people, and asked Mayie to help me organize. Nothing fancy; just after good times with great friends over good food. Little did I know that they had planned on chipping in for a tray of spaghetti and pichi-pichi for sharing. 

It was the kind of farewell party I had in mind—pure fun, no drama. I was determined to leave all of that behind. All I’m bringing with me are nothing but wonderful memories of everyone and everything.

Of course, I will miss the daily routine of going to and from work, but the people I will surely miss the most are my closest friends: She, Ete, and Mayor. They kept both my sanity and insanity in check. We stuck together like a family. I have great memories with these three; we were the front runners of the project, so we’d been together since day 1. I hope to meet people like them on my next job because they truly are friends for keeps.

I’m ready for next adventures and challenges that will come my way. That’s all, folks—over and out. 

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