Give Me A Break

Have you ever wanted to take a breather, get out of the city, but you decide against it, thinking it could be costly? For someone who works most days of the year, I think I deserve a break at least for a day. Since summer season kicked off here in the Philippines, my Twitter and Instagram timelines have been plagued with photos from my friends’ beach getaway. I’m not going to lie, but those photos make me envious.

My family hasn’t seen the clear waters and fine sand of the beach in three years, and this year was no exception. The prickly heat would have made more sense if we were lounging by the sea. Oftentimes, my brothers and I coax each other into buying an inflatable kiddie pool just so we could at least take advantage of the extreme hot weather. For your information, the weather in the Philippines is damp, hence making it more unbearable in most days.

Two weekends ago, Dad finally took us to Nuvaliin Sta. Rosa, Calamba, Laguna. It’s only a few kilometers away from the city, but it’s far enough to enjoy the beauty of nature and its scenery. We arrived there just in time for lunch. I was really up for some sushi and sashimi, but I was outnumbered by my family, so we ended up at David’s Tea House, a Chinese restaurant. 

Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Lunch at David's Tea House & Hot Pot, Nuvali

After lunch, we stayed by the fish pond and fed the koi fishes. We used to do have an aquarium at home with a few gold fishes, and feeding a lot more fishes was actually fun! We, then, took a stroll towards Solenad 1&2 to check the retail shops and other establishments out. Before we return to where we were first stayed, we made a quick trip at Serenitea for a milk tea fix. Incidentally, Dad’s former colleague lives nearby, so we were invited to come over to their house for a little get-together. He even took us to see Republ1c Wake Park, a place suitable for sporty people like myself! Who would have thought that a wake park could be accessible here? I mean, you need not go to Camarines Sur to get the wake boarding experience. In fact, we might try it out when Miggy comes home again this year.

Family at Nuvali
Republ1c Wake Park, Nuvali

Most people think that the best places to go during the summer are somewhere a boat- or plane-ride away from the city, but really, all you have to do is drive further down South to get the break that you deserve. That trip to Nuvali wasn’t our typical summer getaway, but we sure enjoyed a day spent with family and friends. Another one for the books!

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