From Across The Web: Vol. 3

Hello there, my lovely and ever-growing SCATTERBRAIN readers! We’re onto the third installment in the #FATWeb series! February is definitely Love Month in our books not only because of Valentine’s Day, but Roan and I are celebrating our anniversary as a couple this month, too.

We’re not big on cheesy and romantic celebrations during this time, but I think it’s fitting that I share some Valentine’s Day-related finds for those who hasn’t come up with things to do for their significant other yet. Shall we begin?

  • If you’re having trouble deciding on what to give your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife for Valentine’s, worry not. Ailee has you covered! She has shared some interesting gift guides for him and for her.
  • For the creatives, these DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him may come in handy, too.
  • Don’t have time to make your own or shop for gift(s)? I’m kind of digging these date night in a box ideas! You know what’s amazing? Their ideas are not limited to romantic ones. 
  • You know how Valentine’s Day is often associated with anything pink and red? Well, this Red Velvet and Strawberry Trifle recipe pretty much nailed it. I don’t mind having this on my birthday, on Christmas, on New Year’s Eve, on Easter Sunday… You get the drift.
  • But if you’re the chocolate-type, Jana’s chocolate mousse recipe is another yummy treat!
  • I’m swooning over these world’s most romantic hotels, and I won’t be surprised if you will, too!

Have you gotten or prepared something for your loved one yet?

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