From Across The Web: Vol. 2

It’s time for the second installment of my From Across the Web series! The launch was a hit, and I received a lot of good feedback from authors and readers alike. I shared the same posts on Twitter last week, and I even came up with a unique hashtag: #FATWeb! Yeah, how clever.

Anyway, remember my goals for January? Well, I’ve been working on travel posts for over a week now, and somehow ended up reading through some travel-related posts on Bloglovin’ in between. This week, I’m sharing with you some interesting posts that I’ve bookmarked for future [travelling] purposes:

  • Last week, Paris succumbed to three days of terror. When I read Valerie’s photo diary from her recent trip to the beautiful city, I temporarily forgot about the terrible things I’ve seen in the news. 
  • Travelling is among my long-term goals for 2015, and Bailey and Mark’s list of USA travels is a perfect reference for Roan and myself. We’ll start with California, of course! 
  • One thing: either I make Ailee my travel buddy, or I let her arrange our next vacation because these planning tips are spot-on!
  • I don’t think I’ll survive the winter season during my first few years in the US (perhaps never) in spite of San Diego, but at least I have this list of US destinations to escape to when the need arises! 
  • This may be a little too ambitious, but I’m taking notes on where to travel best throughout the year.

  • Before anything else, though, I need to keep these tips in mind to raise funds to fend for our dream of travelling!

P.S. These tips for long-haul flights may come in handy very soon!

Be sure to check back again on the 7th of February for more of this series; otherwise, just search for #FATWeb on Twitter for easier access on each page!

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