It’s a Wrap, February!

How are you doing, Jae? That’s a good question. I’m well, and very much alive—thanks for asking. I’ve had similar tête-à-têtes with a few concerned friends weeks leading up to this post since I’ve gone MIA (yet again) on social media these days (not that I’m on it all the time anyway). If you’ve been around here for a while now, you know that I always try to show up on this space at least for the monthly updates, so here we are.

So…Roan and I had been very busy at work. No, really, that’s the reason why y’all haven’t heard that much from me in February. We’ve been working extended hours for the last couple of weeks; it’s been crazy and hectic to a point where I didn’t even have time to at least do the laundry. We’d come to work early, and get home late. Some nights we skipped dinner because we were too exhausted to do anything else. Thank God all that’s over now. We plan on making it up to ourselves in the next few weeks because work took too much personal time and energy from us.


 JORD Watches Valentine’s Day Campaign. Last month, I got a chance to work with JORD Watches for their Valentine’s Day campaign where Roan took the spotlight. It’s my first blog collaboration of the year, and I had fun putting the post together with my husband’s help (and I know he did, too).

 Valentine’s Day Surprise. Speaking of which, Roan surprised me with a unique bouquet of flowers on the 14th, and I thought it was sweet and funny since he purposely got me a something that weren’t roses because he thought those are too predictable. Valentine’s Day fell on the same day as Ash Wednesday, so we didn’t make plans other than fulfilling our obligation as practicing Catholics.

 Renewal of Marriage Vows. One Saturday, during a Sunday Vigil Mass (Sunday obligation held on Saturday evenings), we took part in a collective renewal of marriage vows because, apparently, it was World Marriage Day/Weekend. Roan and I have only been married for four years, but it was amazing to have had the chance to reaffirm our lifetime commitment to each other and receive God’s blessings. It was simple, yet very special.


  • reading Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman. I’ve been curious about this book, and I read after finishing The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah because I wanted to watch the film. [Related Post: Stepping Up My 2018 Reading Challenge]
  • watching Before the Flood and Water & Power: A California Heist. Have you seen them? If you’re looking for something new to watch, I can’t recommend these two documentaries enough (find them on Netflix).
  • cooking meatless Alfredo pasta for Friday lunch and dinner because Lenten season
  • loving my new weekend purse that Roan gave as Valentine’s Day gift! I had mine personalized by adding a feather bag charm (similar) and my monogrammed name on the tag. I also love that my bag matches my new RFID wallet, too!
  • wearing this new perfume that Roan also got me for Valentine’s Day a lot. I didn’t realize that my husband had spoiled me rotten this month until I wrote this post.😮
  • feeling sad that I was unable to follow through on using the 1SE app this month. In case you missed it, I put together a 45-second video montage for January!
  • needing a vacation (and probably a good massage). I think after all that’s happened this month, Roan and I deserve to take some time off to recuperate!

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