EKhaustingly Fun: A Weekend Getaway

Last Wednesday evening, my brother asked me if I want to join him and his high school friends on a weekend trip to Enchanted Kingdom. It’s only been three years since my brothers and I went there with our cousins, but two new rides have recently been added to the famous amusement park. Two of Roi’s friends, Nat and Elaine, just got employed and are about to get on-board this week, thus they thought of spending the weekend there. These kids are like my siblings from another-father-and-mother. I’ve known them since my brother and I transferred to the institution where we all graduated from in high school.

Incidentally, a friend of mine has a cousin who still works in Enchanted Kingdom. I asked him if we can at least get tickets at a cheaper rate; to which he replied that the most he can give is Php150.00 (about $4.00) off of each ticket. The full day pass on weekends and holidays is worth Php600 (roughly $14.00), so we thought a 25% discount isn’t bad at all. Just when we thought we got a good deal with the deducted ticket prices, my friend suddenly told me that he scored three complimentary tickets for us instead! By this, it means that we’re only going to pay for whatever’s in excess. Upon telling my brother and his friends the good news, we all decided to push through even when only four of us are going.

We had all intentions of getting the most of our day trip; however, Roi and I still had to grab lunch at McDonald’s on our way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It’s almost a good thing that we weren’t caught up in traffic, but to our dismay, we arrived to a fully-packed parking lot. The sight of about 50 provincial buses made us come to a conclusion that it’s a day of field trip for most kids at Enchanted Kingdom.

We went straight to the Guest Relations Office per my friend’s advice, and claimed our complimentary tickets there. Thirty minutes later, we were on queue at one of the newest rides in the park, theEKstreme Tower Ride. It’s a 150-feet drop tower with a capacity of 12 persons. Here’s a sample video of the ride I found from YouTube:

My goodness! It was a fun, quick ride! We were laughing our butts out afterwards because you won’t know when it’s going to drop from the sky. Though still hungover with EKstreme Tower Ride, we made our way to one of our favorites, Anchors Away, which is a pirate ship ride.

We were lucky to ride this attraction twice because our friends were not able to take a decent photo of Roi and I the first time. Unfortunately, only Nat and Elaine had nice pictures during our first ride! Elaine’s digital camera was an epic fail, so we asked them to take photos of us with our own camera the second time around.

The queue at Anchors Away was pretty exhausting thus, we decided to take some rest at the Wheel of Fate for our third attraction. While we were up there, we caught sight of how terrible the lines were in other attractions. Most people were queued up at Space Shuttle Max, the well-known boomerang roller coaster of Enchanted Kingdom. In effect, we dismissed the idea of falling in line there because it will only be a waste of time.

Feeling frustrated with all the long lines at most famous rides, we settled for Flying Fiesta, which was a bit tolerable than the other rides we’ve been to. It is a chair swing ride that is a variation on the carousel in which the chairs are suspended on chains from the rotating top of the carousel. The rotating top of the carousel also tilts for additional variations of motion. This attraction never fails to lull me, making me want to sleep until the ride is over.

Upon alighting from Flying Fiesta, we walked further into the Jungle Outpost area of the park. We were supposed to wait in line at the Jungle Log Jam(log flumes); however, it would take us another hour or two, and only a few people will be accommodated every time. With this assumption, we decided to try out the second newest attraction, Disk-O-Magic, which is a giant spinning ride.

This has got to be my new most favorite ride in Enchanted Kingdom! The weird, inexplicable feeling was twice that of Anchors Away in my opinion. I enjoyed it as much as my companions did. We considered riding this again after our Roller Skaterride, but two to three batches before us, the ride had been pulled to a halt. According to the staff, there had been technical difficulties, thus they had to stop the ride altogether. As if the timing was perfect, we realized that it’s already 9:00PM, and it means that the park will close soon.

After a few photos taken by the main entrance, we all decided to leave. On our way home, we stopped over at a gas station to have dinner at KFC. We recounted how much fun we had despite the unusual crowd that day. Incidentally, it was our company’s team building that Saturday, too, but I wouldn’t miss this weekend getaway [with my siblings] for the world.

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