Daily Prompt: Light Up the Fireworks in Me

Today I realized that there are only 42 days left before Christmas and that we are six weeks away from welcoming another year. Incidentally, tomorrow marks my father’s first anniversary with his current employer. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Days went by just like that; it feels like only yesterday.

As Christmas Day draws nearer, one cannot miss the growing anticipation towards the best holiday of the year. Well, at least for me. Although it’s only mid-November, you can already feel what they call the December breeze in most days. It’s also been a practice to put up our Christmas tree and all other decorations on my birthday, but the boys were only able to do these last weekend. It now feels a lot like Christmas at home.

I do have a soft spot for anything Christmas-related. I mean, who doesn’t? The mere thought of this particular holiday brings me nothing but beautiful memories. Despite losing my favorite grandfather a few weeks before this special occasion in 2007, it did not change my perception of a Merry Christmas; not even when we recently lost my other grandfather in May. To this day, I feel overwhelmed with all the Christmas decorations around me. It never fails to awaken that sleeping kid in me when I see a well-lit city with all these beautiful Christmas lights. The sight of it just takes my breath away. Although I knew what the real deal about Santa Claus earlier in my childhood years, it did not really dampen my belief in the possibility of his existence.

Through the years, I’ve noticed that there’s something about the Christmas season, making most people loving and compassionate. No, I’m not talking solely about the gift-giving bit. Everyone appears to be more good-hearted and delicate. It feels very much like the cliché, Christmas is the season of giving and forgiving. If one is going through tough times, the festivities may even uplift his spirits. Well, I guess it depends on what situation one is currently in, but you catch my drift. In one way or another, the positive energy attached to the holiday season will bring faith in any hopeless case.

Unless you’re an epitome of The Grinch, then you won’t know exactly what I mean.

The title of this post is a line from the song, Christmas Lights by Coldplay.
This post is a response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt on 13 Nov 2012.

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