Loving. This holiday breeze. The weather is getting cooler in my side of the world, indicating that Christmas is just around the corner. What’s not to love?

Writing. Two draft posts that I hope to publish in December…or not, because you know, I have several other draft posts that are accumulating cobwebs in the dashboard. 

Reading. Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I decided to start with the second installment from the Divergent series since the movie trailer of Insurgent came out. It’s important that I read the book first before the movie comes out in theaters!

Watching. Miracle in Cell No. 7. My brothers have seen this, and they warned me to have a box full of tissue at hand when I decide to watch it. It’s proving to be true. I can’t believe my brothers beat me to this!

Craving. McDonald’s Twister Fries and Green Apple Float combo. I haven’t had these two in a very long time.

Wishing. That my former employer release my backpay and exit clearance by next week. It’s been three months since my resignation, guys. Can you imagine the struggle?

Needing. To hang out with my girl friends. I could use a few hugs and tons of laughter with friends! It’s been a while since we got together, and I terribly miss them.

Wanting. To have a haircut. My hair has grown by an inch or two since August. Although I sometimes miss my waist-long hair, I think I want to stick to my long bob for a while.

Feeling. Extremely excited about December! So many things to look forward to next month, and Christmas is just one of them!

Hoping. For a miracle. Whatever that means.

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