Chapter XXVI

How does one begin to express his gratitude to the people who have been part (and remains such) of his life? That was the question I asked myself the moment I opened my eyes this morning. It seemed to me that adding another year to my age meant I have more people in my life to be thankful for. I need not enumerate them here because God knows who these people are, and I’ve asked Him to bless them for their wonderful souls.

I wanted to start my day right, thus upon waking up, I engaged myself in an awesome workout. I also heard thanksgiving mass with my family; something I wanted to do in the morning before anything else. After which, we headed to Resorts World Manila for my birthday treat. We’ve always wanted to check the place out, and today’s occasion made it possible. We didn’t really have an idea where to dine, so we toured around the place before everyone decided to try Mr. Kurosawa.

A heady fusion of European and Japanese dishes makes Mr. Kurosawa a foodie’s delight. Their eclectic menu, which includes Japanese-inspired paella, pizza and pasta selections, combine the best of both worlds.


This isn’t supposed to be a food review, but with a family who has tried almost every cuisine there is, trust when we say it is worth checking out. Every single meal we have ordered was really good! Although we only had their house tea (which we forgot to ask what kind) and water for drinks, we got the best value for money. Mind you, their servings were bigger than we had expected. In fact, their food reminds us so much of John and Yoko‘s. By the way, look what I got from the staff of Mr. Kurosawa:

I shared this with my family, but being the sweet-toothed that they are, they coaxed me for more. We went to CrePes & Cream for desserts.

Apart from designer brands located at the ground level, there’s also a casino within the mall, thus making it more convenient to a greater market of mall-goers. I particularly loved the feel of this place because it’s not too crowded as most shopping malls in the metro are. For great selection of restaurant and upper-class shops, this sure is a place to be!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who remembered and went out their way to greet me on my special day. May God bless you, too!

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