Can’t Hardly Wait!

In my recent post on Sonny and Kach’s wedding, I mentioned that among us close girl friends, only Rivka and Laviel were missing-in-action. Rivka badly wants to come home on their wedding day, but she got caught up with her work schedule, thus her absence during the wedding. Laviel, however, was already in town, but he was too shy to go by himself since Rivka couldn’t make it. Although we understand the circumstances they were in at the time, we thought that it would have been more fun if they were around.

Rivka has really planned on coming home to pick Laviel up since the newlyweds are finally settling down in Doha, Qatar. It had been a difficult deliberation for the two because both are gainfully employed in their respective careers, but Laviel gave way, and gave up his job in Singapore to be with his wife. I may not know the exact details of their decision, but I really admired Laviel for this bold move. He must really love his wife, doesn’t he?

Anyway, a week later, Rivka came home. She was supposed to spend her entire two-week vacation leave in Manila, but thought she would just split it in half—a week here and another week when they return to Qatar. She wanted to dedicate the rest of her break to her husband. It was actually the first time that we were complete her in the Philippines, thus we tried our best to meet up despite the time constraint for Rivka and Laviel. Due to last-minute arrangements and prior commitments, Anj, Mafi/Onat, Sweet/Edong were not able to confirm their attendance.

Miggy and I were in Tagaytay with my family that Saturday. Initially, we wanted to meet there, but since we’re incomplete, we decided to get together somewhere else. In one of our random mall dates, Miggy and I tried this new Japanese restaurant called Kenji Tei Ramen House in Alabang Town Center.

Since we had settled in meeting in the Alabang area, Miggy and I recommended that we have dinner there to which my friends agreed with. The first ones to arrive were the newlyweds, Sonny and Kach. I must say the two looked radiant and fresh though they haven’t left for their honeymoon. Rivka and Laviel arrived soon after our orders arrived. We missed each other so much that we failed to take pictures at the restaurant!

After dinner, we then moved toThe Coffee Bean and Tea Leaffor desserts and some hot drinks. My newlywed friends relived and shared the memories from their respective wedding days. They gave us tips on wedding preparations that they thought would be helpful since Miggy and I are pretty much hands on in planning our wedding.

There was a time when we, ladies, separated from the men to discuss about “girl stuff”. Funny, the men actually talked about wedding preparations. Laviel and Sonny, being once in the situation Miggy’s currently in, gave the latter advice in dealing with wedding-related stress. According to them, more often than not, it is the bride who makes the final decision on anything related to the wedding. This, perhaps, was the three men’s common denominator, thus they got along pretty well that night—not to mention it was the first time Miggy and Laviel had met.

Despite the time constraint, we enjoyed our mini-reunion. It sure would have been more memorable if the other girls (and their significant others) made it.  We’re happy for Laviel and Rivka who are finally moving in together as husband and wife in Qatar. Finally, their long distance relationship has come to an end. They are, on the other hand, very much looking forward to our wedding this year! Soon, we’ll all be hanging out as married couples, and we can’t hardly wait!

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