Blog Design Inspiration: Midnight Blue & Gold

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I made a subtle change in terms of blog design around here. A few days since we returned from Bangkok, I found this beautiful Elie Saab midnight blue dress in my Instagram feed that really caught my attention. I thought it goes well with silver or gold accents, then it hit me. I need to revamp SCATTERBRAIN’s blog design with that dress in mind. Since I’m celebrating the blog’s third anniversary this month, I thought a minor face-lift won’t hurt.

Below is the color palette inspiration I found on the web, and although it’s actually a wedding mood board, I think it captured exactly what I had in mind. I like how it shows balance between sophisticated and feminine.


Truth is, I can make a blog header of my own, but I also want to exhibit the talent of lesser-known creatives I’ve come to love. For this reason, I reached out to Valerie of Valerie Randomness who willingly created the design for me. Two of my favorites from Val’s random drawings are that of Emma Watson and a wolf.

I told Valerie that I wanted something that will showcase the main colors, midnight blue and gold, but nothing too extreme. While I loved my former hand-drawn blog header, which was designed by a high school friend for me, I thought I needed to outgrow my affinity with feathers and butterflies at some point. Valerie had the designed patterned on an existing font, but I loved how it turned out. It’s simple, but it brings character to the blog name. 

I also cleaned up the sidebar where only the fundamentals are showing (i.e., social media icons, different ways on how to subscribe to the blog, search field, a fun drop-down list of categories, and a link to the blog’s archives). It may be plain and boring, but I’m loving how it looks like for now (because, you know, this girl’s mood is ever-changing). 

P.S. You have a week left to join the giveaway I ‘m hosting this month!

How do you find the blog’s current design?

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