Beyond Grateful

I am grateful for my family—not just today, but every single day of my life. 

None of us were ever given the chance to choose who we want to be born to in this world. Some would compare that being born to a wealthy family is like hitting the jackpot. Others are scarred for life for being associated with a family of criminals, if only they could renounce themselves from any form of relation from these people. I was lucky to have been born to neither of these sort of ménages. 

Nowadays, it’s unlikely to see families where the mother and father are still together, and not fighting over who gets the upper-hand on conjugal properties or the custody of their kid(s). In the same way, I seldom hear about families where either of the parents did not have to work abroad to fend for oneself. Domestic violence and abuse are a staple in local news. 

I am fortunate to have been born to a complete and loving family. We may not be filthy rich, but we are happy campers. We get a kick out of the most shallow of things and activities we do as a family. Life is tough, but we’re tougher when we’re together, most especially in faith. I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world. 

As I’ve already mentioned previously, we hardly come together as a family on weekends. September has been good, and we had a back-to-back celebration for Mom’s and Dad’s birthdays, respectively.

Having a meal together as a family is simply the best way to bond, and just catch up on each other’s lives. It’s a consensus effort to be around for dinner on weekdays especially when most of us had a day job. We’ve gotten used to spending the weekends at the mall, trying out new restaurants after watching a new film or just grocery-shopping. Believe me, it feels almost depressing when our weekend activities turn out otherwise.

Our life today is so much different compared to last year and several years ago, but every year is only getting better. Blessings keep pouring in for this family—it’s both humbling and overwhelming at the same time. Most importantly, the best thing that’s ever happened to this family lately is closure and the grace of putting the past behind us.

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