Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t. I do believe, however, in appreciation. Last week had been rather eventful for this blog. Not only did I get a lot of followers both in my Bloglovin’ and Twitter pages, but three of my friends in real life have told me that they are among my faithful readers here. I think they are the least appreciated people in this blog, so for this week and in the following weeks, I’m grateful for them.

It’s strange how genuine comments from real friends and bloggers alike make my day. One of my college friends texted me the other day just to tell me that she’s reading my blog while they’re in the middle of a walkthrough at work. There’s another one who’s currently working as nurse in London who thanked me for sharing my thoughts on my chosen planner for next year. A former colleague, who’s also a great writer herself, encouraged me to keep writing because she believes I’m good at it. The last and probably my biggest fan is my husband who loved every post I publish here, most especially my tribute to our first wedding anniversary.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all my readers who continue to support my blog. I know there isn’t a lot, but I’d like to believe that you keep on reading my posts because you find my voice truthful and sincere. My reasons for blogging remain the same, and I will try to stay true to myself and to all of you. I appreciate you, guys. You are an inspiration.

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