A Leap of Faith

I am officially unemployed today. Thirty days into the effectivity of my resignation had been both exciting and stressful. It was exciting; it meant finally moving on to a new chapter in my life. I started counting down the days as soon as I tendered my resignation letter. I began writing personal notes to my internal colleagues, notifying them in advance of my impending departure—from both the company and the country. I was looking forward to this day mostly because I knew that working with the same company for four and a half years since graduating was good enough experience for a first job. Well, it wasn’t exactly the first because I started as a management trainee in another department for two months before I was offered a job as a Production Editor for a start-up project.

Leaving the company, however, was stressful for the most part. Somewhere along the way, I began worrying about the idea of being unemployed in general. My chronic anxiety kicked in two weeks into my last day when I started thinking about my outstanding financial responsibilities (i.e., bills, bills, bills). This was one of the things that held me back from leaving sooner, but something got the better of me. Although Roan and I have been married for seven months now, I haven’t fully depended on him until today. I bet wives who were first career women will agree that there is pride in getting your own pay check, but things are different now in my side of things. I have to learn to adjust with the current situation, and that includes entrusting my husband with my welfare. I have to give credit him, though, because he has been supportive of most of my decisions, and so far great in being the awesome partner in life that he already is. On top of all these, I had to prepare all the necessary materials needed for the transition of my work to my replacements (plural, there were three).

It’s the first time in many years that I am free. I have the liberty to do things I want to do in my own terms. There are tons of them, actually, so I should be fine sans the typical routine of going to and from work daily.

I don’t know how long the wait is going to be, but here’s to taking risks and taking a leap of faith.

Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be only afraid of standing still.

— Swedish Proverb

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