A Blue-tiful Wedding

Two of my college best friends got married last year. The first of which was in September where I took part as member their entourage.Kach and Sonny got married three days after Christmas. Although I was not part of Kach’s bridal party, I was even more excited to attend their wedding because I have Miggy as my date. It was a blessing in disguise that Miggy arrived two weeks prior to their wedding, so I didn’t have to sulk all night just because I had no escort.

Before Miggy left the US, I told him to bring formal clothes (i.e., dress shirt, trousers, dress shoes) in anticipation for the wedding. I, on the other hand, was torn between wearing a nice cocktail dress or a jumpsuit. A day after Christmas, Miggy and I went to the mall to unwind. I had no intention of buying a new dress since I seldom wear such, but Miggy coerced me into buying one since it’s a formal occasion. I tried quite a number of dresses from Forever21, but that quarter-sleeved indigo lace dress from Dorothy Perkins caught Miggy’s attention. It was an afternoon wedding, so we began to get ready after lunch. I have never seen Miggy in a semi-formal ensemble other than his army combat uniforms (ACUs). He does own class As (worn on special events), but it’s different when men are dressed for the occasion.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Andrew The Apostle Parish in Makati City. Miggy and I were lucky to arrive at the church just in the nick of time. We were already pulling up the parking lot when we saw members of the entourage lined up at the church’s entrance for the procession. A few minutes later two of my friends who were part of the entourage arrived and left us with their things to look after to. Among us group of friends, only Rivka missed Kach and Sonny’s wedding because of work. We were, however, updating her via BBM, making her feel as if she’s actually there. St. Andrew The Apostle Parish looks a lot like the Good Shepherd Parish near Miggy’s house. Unlike most churches, it was built in a circular form. It didn’t have a long aisle like that in cathedrals, but there was enough room for guests, not to mention that it was air-conditioned.

Kach and Sonny’s wedding theme was Winter Wonderland with blue, white, and silver as their color palette. Kach was stunning in her wedding gown with embellishments in her upper bodice. The female members of the entourage wore blue long dresses with wide silver ribbon band as accent. Sonny donned a suit and tie ensemble while other men were in their Barong Tagalog. Kach and Sonny had quite a number of members of the bridal party because they both come from big families.

The reception immediately followed at Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Miggy and I did not have any trouble going to the church because the directions from Google Maps was pretty accurate. Their reception venue, however, was beyond my familiarity of the city, so I asked a friend to assist us on getting there after the ceremony. To cut the long story short, we arrived at the reception venue an hour later because we were following someone else’s lead. He took the longer route when we could have gotten in half the time it took us to get there.

Miggy and I were impressed with their reception venue setup. The blue and white mood lights brought life into their Winter Wonderland theme. Who says you can’t have a white Christmas in the Philippines? Our favorite element in the reception was the message tree made of twigs. It wasn’t flashy, but it caught our attention. Perhaps its simplicity made it stand out from the crowd. According to Kach, the trees were their do-it-yourself project.

One of the highlights during the reception was when Kach burst into tears during their father-daughter dance. Though expected, I hardly see Kach this way because she’s always been bubbly since I met her. Kach was the first to marry in their family; perhaps the reason for the sudden rush of emotions. While waiting for us to be called in for the photo op with the newlyweds, we decided to make use of their photo booth. Their photo booth, Wacky Strike, is owned by Kach’s sister, Bel. They are fairly new in the business, and since Miggy and I were impressed with their service during our friends’ wedding, we decided to get them for our wedding, too!

Kach is the eldest in our group, but we must admit that we didn’t really see her as the marrying type during our college days. In fact, all of us teased Kach—Who would have thought?—when she finally got married. She has matured enough through the years, perhaps honed by life’s experience. From the time I met Sonny, I knew she’s in good hands. I’m very happy for my friends, and wish them both an even happier married and family life.

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