Rise To The Challenge

So I joined the 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads a few days ago. There were two books sitting in my currently-reading shelf for weeks now. It’s been crazy nowadays that I fail to finish what I have started. My life will be even more insane in the coming days towards our wedding, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with this.

Anyway, the first book I read to kick off my reading challenge was recommended and lent by a friend and colleague, Micah. To give you a brief background, this lady could spend an entire day at a bookshop, hollowing into piles of books she has never read. There was a time when she spent so much in secondhand books, and told her this:

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, I’ll see you dressed in paper with all those books you’ve gotten yourself!

Would you have guessed I was half-kidding? She just laughed at my retort, perhaps because she knew I was right? Read on as I give a quick review on the book I’m telling you about.

I Wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere
by Anna Gavalda

This piece is a compilation of short stories. It is originally written in French, but is well-translated for its non-French readers.

The book is packed with stories about love, family, and friendship. I would have given it five stars, but there were some stories that kind of left me hanging. Well, they are short stories, but those made me want for more. Among my favorite stories are Clic-Clac, For Years, and Junior. They either made me laugh or touched my heart in a way that is relatable.

So, will I recommend this book to a friend? Of course! It was definitely a good read. I think one can even finish this book in one sitting.

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